Popular Ghanaian Content Creator And YouTuber Kwadwo Sheldon Loses His YouTube Channel | Here’s Everything We Know

post by: Atta-Mafu Joshua for thedistin.com.
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Ghanaian content creator and YouTuber, Kwadwo Sheldon is going through a period where no YouTuber would want to go through.

Just this evening, Kwadwo Sheldon has got his YouTube account terminated by YouTube.

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A click on any video on his Facebook page and across all his social media handles displays this;

For a YouTube account to be terminated means that the channel has copyright issues or the channel goes against YouTube policy guidelines.

Terminated channel

According to YouTube, if a channel or account is  terminated, a user “may be unable to use, own, or create any other YouTube channels/accounts.”

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“When a channel is terminated, the channel owner gets an email explaining the reason for the termination,” it added.

Community Guidelines terminations

Reasons channels or accounts can be terminated:

  • Repeated violations of the  Community Guidelines  or  Terms of Service across any form of content (like repeatedly posting abusive, hateful, and/or harassing videos or comments)
  • A single case of severe abuse (such as  predatory behaviourspam, or pornography)
  • Channels or accounts dedicated to a policy violation (like hate speech, harassment, or impersonation)

Channel owners who suffer such fate, however, have an opportunity to file a  counter-claim should he/she think the claim/termination was incorrect.

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