Oluman Jobless Small D!ck – Adu Safowaah Exposes Okyeame Quophy And Stacy’s Plans To Destool A Queen Mother In Sunyani | Details

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Ghanaian actress Regina Adu Safowaah has revealed Okyeame Quophy and wife Stacy Amoateng‘s evil‘ plans against workers at Angel FM and a queen mother in Sunyani.

Adu Safowaah has shared a picture of a Queen mother in one of the towns in Sunyani alleging that Okyeame Quophy’s wife, Stacy Amoateng is currently fighting the Queen mother and her Kontihene.

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Explaining further, Adu Safowaah said Stacy Amoateng‘s mother wants that position as the Queen of that town and they are fighting her for it. Adu Safowaah added that Stacy was around during the enstoolment of the current queen and she even gathered some media men to support her.

Adu Safowaah wrote:

Dear Ghanaians @ this compound house, please report here…
Do you see the queen mother i ve posted? She is a queen mother at around sunyani and a cousin to @quophiokyeame husband(A woman who takes care of home is a husband).
Abusuafo after @quophiokyeame
First EXPOSE, I will detail you how @quophiokyeame husband and mum are Currently fighting this queen mother in pic n kontihene of that town to give this queen mother position to @quophiokyeame husbands mum… Abusuafo… the snitching runs in dier family ooooo… When this queen mother was been enstooled, @quophiokyeame husband was there, took some friends in the media to support her cousin oooooo in sunyani. Just stay tuned

Adu Safoowah, the fearless woman called Okyeame Quophy “Oluman jobless small dick” adding that he should make money and stop depending on Dr. Kwaku Oteng because none of his children’s names are going to be in the businessman’s will but Akua GMB’s children will get some because the man cannot deny the kids.

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Adu Safoowah wrote:

Oluman jobless small dick, Woboa, bring it on. Retired at 20, Akpeteshi employee at 59.. commot. Bring it on…

If u re sensible with a good bank account, you will realise that, the man can’t deny his blood (Akuas children)… ok probably the self acclaimed son, bronzy is promising you two … but the bronzy guy bi worker oooo…hahaha

Dr Akpeteshi don’t have any of ur fat shit kids name in his WILL ooo, so think of wat u will leave for them anaa @quophiokyeame wosee afternoon drive? Hahaha

After blasting the radio presenter, Adu Safowaah then channeled her attention to giving more insights about their plot against Sunyani queen’s position.

She made a clear point that the current queen is Stacy Amoateng’s cousin and when Stacy’s mother was fighting her over the queenship position, she thought Stacy was not aware and she kept her trust in her asking her to have a word with her mother but unknowingly to the queen mother, Stacy was behind the reason she is fighting her.

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Adu Safowaah wrote:

Continuation _of FIRST EXPOSE’

Before the enstoolment of this queen, @quophiokyeame husband (A woman who takes care of home is husband) was the chief supporter of her cousin in pic… the lady now queen mother channelled everything tru @quophiokyeame husband. So wen @quophiokyeame husband mum started fighting the queen mother, she thought she has sister which is @quophiokyeame husband n trusted her to talk to her mum, but unknowingly to the queen mother, @quophiokyeame husband was behind her mother asking her to fight her cousin now queen mother for her position… @quophiokyeame husband is currently in court of sunyani fighting hard for her cousin or kontihene to be removed, so her mother occupies the position, To believe this story, during @quophiokyeame husband program in December, she introduced her mother as kontihema of sunyani whilst her cousin is still alive ooooo…

@quophiokyeame husband evil n snitching not be today oooo. Wait laa

Adu Safowaah switched to part two of her expose about Stacy Amoateng and her husband, Okyeame Quophy and this time, she talked about something within Angel FM.

We all know that Stacy Amoateng is the Executive Director of Angel Broadcasting Network, ABN.

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According to Adu Safowaah, she painfully removed DJ Willi as the programs manager and gave that position to her husband and also, she removed the host of the “Afternoon Drive” and placed her husband there.

Adu Safowaah wrote:

Expose 2,

Dj willi of #Akpeteshi fm was the programs manager.

Abusuafo, @quophiokyeame husband (A woman who takes care of home is a husband) removed Dj willi from his position painfully and gave his position to @quophiokyeame and again removed the then afternoon drive guy and gave to @quophiokyeame …. stay tuned ….

Lastly, Adu Safowaah told Okyeame Quophy that she will employ him when Dr. Kwaku Oteng sacks him and still insisted he has a small d!ck.

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She wrote:

@quophiokyeame p3t3 npo u know dey mong… Mr wife, when Dr Akpeteshi sacks you, I will employ your small dick not yourself oooo… hahaha…
Tell dem how you were beating Mrs husband…
Sorry in your next world, work hard to make money to get control, thus how God created Men ….. DO YOU CARE TO KNOW? i get money pass u… hahaha Mr wife.