What To Do In Your 20s – 30s: Madam Charlotte Osei Teaches Best Lessons To Make It At Your Young Age | Video

post by: Dwomoh Darlingberg for thedistin.com.
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In a video, Mrs. Charlotte Osei, former chair of the Ghana Electoral Commission has outlined her regrets over not accumulating assets as she urges young people to avoid searching for liabilities.

Unless they incorporate values, Mrs. Charlotte Osei listed iPhones, vehicles, luggage, shoes as liabilities because they don’t depreciate values.

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In some things she bought while rising, Mrs. Charlotte Osei revealed her regrets as she noted that if she had put those money into properties, assets and investing in companies that earn money, she would have been incredibly rich.

She advised that one should come together with appropriate friends and bring together their resources and invest in something that would gain them money.

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Mrs. Charlotte Osei urged younger people to pursue investment advice by reading online books, contacting individuals in such fields, and added that there is always some kind of investment strategy for everywhere and one should come together with family members to put money into something that doubles their earnings.

“There is no point in trying to impress anybody, at the height of Virgin airlines, Richard Branson who owned Virgin was flying economy, if he can fly economy what are you showing off for?”, Madam Charlotte Osei asked.

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In a nutshell, Mrs. Charlotte Osei urged younger people to learn to save, learn to control expenses, get investment advice by reading books, and ultimately learn to give back regardless of the amount you earn.

Watch the video below: