Tuesday And Friday Borns Should Never Get Married, This Is Why – Ajagurajah Reveals | Video

post by: Atta-Mafu Joshua for thedistin.com.
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The founder of Universal Spiritual Outreach Kwabena Asiamah also known as Ajagurajah has made a shocking statement about Tuesday and Friday borns.

According to Kwabena Asiamah, Tuesday and Friday borns, who are Kwabenas and Efias, should never get married.

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He indicated that if these two get married it is either they can’t give birth, they become financially instable or they have unlimited problems.

Ajagurajah cited an example about how life when he dated girl some years back who is an Efia, a Friday born.

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According to him, he fought with this girl all the time, he never understood why.

He added that after consulting Ajagurajah he revealed to him that some days are look over by angels and demons.

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Kwabena Asiamah however could not explain that this happens.