10 Biography Fun Facts About Hajia Bintu: Real Name, Age, Birthday, Job, Parents, Nationality, Surgery, Wiki, Bio

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Hajia Bintu is a Ghanaian influencer who gained prominence on social media in 2020 by sharing videos of her backside on TikTok. Her biography is explored below…

She is a prominent Ghanaian social media influencer, model, and entrepreneur. She is best recognized for her modeling pictures on Instagram and content on TikTok, including dance videos, makeup tutorials, and other entertaining clips.

She is popular on TikTok for her videos and has a number of men drooling over her because of her curvy shape, which most times flaunt their excitement.

Hajia Bintu has been able to build a brand around herself with the help of social media. Apart from making videos on TikTok, she is a makeup artist.

Hajia has a rough upbringing, she hasn’t met her biological father before and doesn’t know if he is alive or dead as she spent her life in a mission house.

Aside from just her curvaceous physique, there are more about her that are untold, including but not limited to her career, family and personal life, and finance. This article is focused on everything you should know about Hajia Bintu; continue reading to learn more.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Hajia Bintu
Full Real Name:Naomi Asiamah
Net Worth:$100K to $500K
Profession:Social media influencer, makeup artist, model, businessperson
Birthday:30 November 1998
Age:24  Years Old (as of 2023)
Birthplace:Accra Ghana
High School:Adonteng Senior High
College:Koforidua Technical University
5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters)Ghanaian
Current Address:East Legon, Ghana
Relationship Status:Dating
Marital Status:Unmarried
Boyfriend Name:Unknown
Children:No kids
Height:5 feet 7 inches (170 centimetres)
Weight:132 Ibs; 60 kg
Source: Instagram @bintu_hajia

1. Who is Hajia Bintu?

Hajia Bintu is a Social media influencer, makeup artist, model, and businessperson. She is well known for sharing videos of her twerking, which has won her massive followership on social media.

Apart from posting videos on social media platforms, Hajia Bintu is an entrepreneur and runs establishments known as Nakos Delivery Service and Nakos Collection.

She also has a number of brand ambassadorships to her name, one of her major endorsement deals is with Ghanaian raw virgin hair brand Odelanya Hair Gallery.

Hajia Bintu has become so popular that Ghana popular artist Shatta Wale in 2020, dropped a track titled ‘Hajia Bintu’, which was inspired by the TikTok star, who also featured in the visual of the song.

She now boasts of a huge social media following. On Instagram, she has over 1.1 million followers, and on TikTok, she has accumulated over 2 million followers.

Source: Instagram @bintu_hajia

2. How old is Hajia Bintu?

The Ghanaian internet celebrity was born on 30 November 1998 in the Easter Region of Ghana. This puts her current age at 24 years old. Her zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

According to MindBodyGreen, Sagittarians are mostly known for their friendships and romantic relationships as they speak the same emotional language.

Source: Instagram @bintu_hajia

3. What is Hajia Bintu’s real name?

It came as a big surprise when it was revealed that she is not a Muslim. So, Hajia Bintu is not her real birth name to anyone who is unaware. Her real name is Naomi Asiamah.

Her first ever job was being a waitress at a restaurant in Peduase, Accra Ghana right after completing her Senior High School. She was given the name ‘Bintu’ (which means mother) by a customer she had served who appreciated her beauty. According to her, she liked the name and adopted it as her own, modifying it by adding “Hajia”. Her online moniker ‘Hajia Bintu’ means a Muslim mother who has been to Mecca.

4. Where is Hajia Bintu from?

Hajia Bintu is a Ghanaian by nationality. She was born and bred in Ghana and currently lives and works in Ghana. She lived in Adansi Fomena, Sepe Brokuom, and KNUST campus before she moved to Accra to finally settle in a 3-bedroom apartment in Adjiringano.


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5. Who are Hajia Bintu’s parents and is she related to Hajia4Real?

There was no information about the identity of Hajia Bintu’s parents and siblings until she shared her upbringing with Ghanaians when she was interviewed by Television host Deloris Frimpong Mansoh aka Delay on her famous “Delay Show”.

Speaking about her family, the social media influencer disclosed that at a point in her life, she was nurtured in a mission house.

Recounting her childhood memories in an interview with Delay, Hajia Bintu said she once lived in a manse, under the care of a certain pastor and his wife in Kumasi.

This according to her, was immediately after she left Adansi Fomena, where she lived with her grandmother until about age 9.

Bintu, who said her mother had traveled to Accra to start a family after her father had gone missing for a long time said,

“A methodist pastor and his family once came to our village. His wife was so fond of me, she liked me very much. So, when they were going to Kumasi, they took me along. I grew up in a mission house. I stayed there from I was 9 years old until about 13 years. We lived in Sepe Brokuom until the man retired. At that time, his wife was a lecturer at KNUST so we stayed on campus for a while.”

When asked why she did not spend most of her childhood days with her biological mother, Hajia Bintu replied, “I don’t know. But I later lived with my mother when I turned 14.”

The TikTok sensation was almost in tears as she revealed that she had never seen her father before and had no idea what he looked like. She added that not even her grandmother ( the mother of her dad) or her mum had seen the man after he left them.

Hajia Bintu and Hajia4Real are two different socialites in Ghana. The only similarity between the duo is the fact that they share the same name ‘Hajia’. However, the two are industry friends.

6. Where did Hajia Bintu attend school?

She had her elementary and junior education in a school at Adansi Fomena.

The young Instagram model had her high school education at Adonteng Senior High, a coeducational first-cycle institution located south of Aburi in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The school runs courses in Business, Science, general arts, general agric, Home Economics, and visual arts, leading to the award of a West African Senior School Certificate.

She later furthered her education to receive a degree at the Koforidua Technical University (KTU), where she studied Hospitality.

Source: Instagram @bintu_hajia

7. What does Hajia Bintu do for a living?

Bintu is a businesswoman. Her first ever job was being a waitress at a restaurant in Peduase, Accra Ghana right after completing her Senior High School. She was given the name ‘Bintu’ (which means mother) by a customer she had served who appreciated her beauty. According to her, she liked the name and adopted it as her own, modifying it by adding “Hajia”. Her online moniker ‘Hajia Bintu’ means a Muslim mother who has been to Mecca.

Per Legit, Hajia has her own brand of waist trainers called the Nakos Collection. She also planned to open her own delivery service, but it is yet to come.

She is an Instagram model known for her modeling pictures, which have attracted many people’s attention. She is an ambassador of some well-known brands such as Slim Right, Giselle Reed Diffuser, and Martin Lion.

Source: Instagram @bintu_hajia

8. Has Hajia Bintu had plastic surgery?

She was in the news some months back after a claim that she underwent surgery to enhance her curves surfaced on social media.

It started after pictures of the model before the surgery appeared on social media.

Hajia Bintu, during a question and answer session with her fans on social media, shared a throwback photo of herself to prove that her curves are natural.

Source: Instagram @bintu_hajia

9. Is Hajia Bintu married?

She is in a relationship but managed to keep her lover away from the media. In her recent interview with Delay, she detailed that her boyfriend and future husband-to-be is not a married man and although he is okay financially she doesn’t love him for his money but he supports her lifestyle.

Source: Instagram @bintu_hajia

10. How rich is Hajia Bintu?

Hajia Bintu reportedly has a net worth between $100,000 to $500,000.She made this money from her brand endorsement and social media activities.

Bintu currently resides alone in a 3-bedroom apartment in Adjiringano, a suburb in Ghana nearby to the suburbs of Trasacco Valley and East Legon.

The social media influencer since she gained fame and started making money bought a Jaguar which she used for some months and later upgraded to a new automobile. She now drives a 4-wheel Mercedes Benz.