Pinkydoll’s Boyfriend and Children: Who Is The Baby Daddy Of The Queen Of NPC Live-Streaming On TikTok?

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Stripper-turned social media personality, Pinkydoll is a mother of one but questions about whom she shares her son with seems to have no answers.

TikTok’s NPC live streaming propelled Pinkydoll to massive popularity. This influencer gained traction at the beginning of 2023 with her streaming oddities.

The NPC is an abbreviation of “non-player character.” According to NetInfluencer, a person who lacks originality, imagination, and independent thinking is called an “NPC.” It describes people who think and act mechanically, without distinct personalities or beliefs.

If you scroll TikTok today it’s likely you’ll stumble on a creator greeting you in an unusual robotic persona.

The all-new NPC fetish is a livestream trend where viewers can buy ‘gifts’ for the creators within the livestream, which pop up on screen. When the creator sees it, they respond with their ‘pre-programmed’ response.

TikTok creator ‘PinkyDoll’ is making $7,000 a day by repeating bizarre gestures and phrases like ‘gang gang’ and ‘ice-cream so good’ on loop. This insane daily earnings has accumulated into a sizable net worth for her in just a short period of time since she became an internet sensation.

Away from this, Pinky is a mother of one. And while she has shared image of her child on social media before, many might be wondering who her baby daddy is. Read on for more about her personal life.

Pinkydoll's Boyfriend and Children: Who Is The Baby Daddy Of The Queen Of NPC Live-Streaming On TikTok?
Source: Instagram @pinkydollrealb

Who is Pinkydoll’s boyfriend? 

Despite being shameless and famous with her leaks and nudes all over the internet (especially on OnlyFans), she has remained silent about her love life.

However, she has never been married nor engaged.

This doesn’t means she hasn’t been in any relationship before, in fact, she has, and even gave birth to her first kid with her lover.

As it stands now, she is believed to be single and has said she prefers to keep her personal life private.

Pinkydoll with her son on vacation. Image Source: Instagram
Pinkydoll with her son on vacation. Source: Instagram @pinkydollrealb

Does Pinkydoll have a child?

Pinkydoll has been tight-lipped about her personal life but she never shy from letting the world know she is a mother. She has one child, a son whose names is not known to the media yet.

Per a report, her son is four years old, and judging by that, she had him when she was 23 years.

The outlet adds that her son is the reason she works hard and tries to be positive, so far as is not illegal, she’s in for the bag to cater for the kid.

In one of her live streams, her son (whose voice could be clearly heard) was awoken by her noise as she tried to instruct him to go back to sleep. She then paused her live-video and attended to the kid’s needs.

Pinkydoll's Boyfriend and Children: Who Is The Baby Daddy Of The Queen Of NPC Live-Streaming On TikTok?
Source: Instagram @pinkydollrealb

Who is Pinkydoll’s baby daddy?

Famous NPC live streamer, Pinkydoll has not opened up about the father of her son. A look at her social media pages shows no clue about the man she shares her kid with.

Her current relationship with her baby daddy; whether they are still together, or have split, remain unclear to her followers and admirers.

Pinkydoll's Boyfriend and Children: Who Is The Baby Daddy Of The Queen Of NPC Live-Streaming On TikTok?
Source: TikTok @pinkydollrealb

How did Pinkydoll become famous?

Pinkydoll (real name: Fedha Fernande Nkoy Sinon, also known on TikTok as pinkydollreal) is a Canada-based OnlyFans model, social media personality, musician, and internet star who quickly gained popularity by pioneering the strange world of NPC streaming.

She was born on April 22, 1996, in Canada.

Before fame, Pinkydoll was a stripper and webcam model and ran a cleaning company in Montreal. 

She joined social media and began live streaming on TikTok under the name Pinkydoll as a means to make money. Starting in January 2023, she began “NPC streaming” and went viral on social media in July 2023 as phrases from her livestreams became memes.

NPC streaming is a phenomenon in which livestreamers on TikTok react to tips sent to them as cartoon “gifts” with repetitive, mechanical movements and phrases as though they were a non-player character in a video game, after a commenter wrote that she looked like an NPC. 

@pinkydollreal Queen of NPC ? #fashionnova #viral #ptp #foryoupage #pourtoipage #pinkydoll #fyp ♬ son original – Pinkydoll

She often streamed while popping popcorn using a hair straightener and partially based her persona on NPCs from the video game series Grand Theft Auto after watching others play it.

Famously, she repeats “ice-cream so good” in a robotic tone, with her tongue out, licking a pretend-cone, when sent an ice-cream token.

Pinkydoll’s long list of catchphrases includes “gang gang,” “I got your name,” “yes yes yes,” “ice cream so good,” “balloon pop pop pop.” The streamer will also hold a hair iron to pop popcorn kernels.

These streams have been growing in popularity over the past several months, with fans inexplicably mesmerized by NPC streamers’ uncanny repetitive movements and surreal body language.

Pinkydoll is thought to be the trendsetter for the whole thing and is easily one of the most popular NPC streamers in the business today. As of this writing, she currently has over 1 million followers on TikTok with over 5 million likes across her videos.