Linus Sebastian’s Net Worth Forbes: How Much Money Does The YouTuber Make and Why Is He So Rich?

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What is Linus Sebastian’s net worth? The tech news YouTuber created Linus Tech Tips, which is now at the center of multiple controversies.

There are all sorts of outlets you could get your tech news from but over 15 million gearheads out there get it from Linus Tech Tips. This YouTube channel touts itself as a team of “professionally curious” tech experts and is home to thousands of tech reviews and discussions that aim to provide tech consumers with some suggestions and commentary on what to get and how to manage one’s technology. Since its inception, the channel has expanded to a full-blown company.

Of course, that expansion did not come without some severe consequences down the line. As of August 2023, the company has been subject to multiple controversies, including criticism over its content and allegations of a toxic work environment.

One of the most vocal responders to these scandals has been Linus Sebastian, the Canadian YouTuber after whom Linus Tech Tips is named. Throughout his history at the company, he has amassed a substantial net worth.

Linus Sebastian on Linus Tech Tips

What is Linus Sebastian’s net worth?

Linus Sebastian has an estimated current net worth of over $85 million. He accrued his fortune from his long years of working in the tech sector. Much of it comes from YouTube ad revenue, sponsors, and merchandise sales.

Linus Gabriel Sebastian was born on Aug. 20, 1986. He reportedly first began his career as a YouTuber for NCIX, a Canadian online computer store that shut down in 2017. Linus actually ran their technology YouTube channel, performing many of the duties he still works on today.

After contending with low viewership, Linus created his eponymous YouTube channel in November 2008. He would subsequently leave NCIX to form Linus Media Group. He served as the CEO until July 2023, when he became the “Chief Vision Officer” of LMG.

While NCIX is no longer active, Linus and his media company, which he runs with his wife Yvonne Ho, have enjoyed major success with Linus Tech Tips. As of this writing, the main channel has garnered over 7.23 billion views across its videos. That success is certainly reflected in his net worth.

Profile Summary

Linus Sebastian is a tech YouTuber. He currently hosts the channel, Linus Tech Tips, and is the Chief Vision Officer of his self-named company, Linus Media Group.

Celebrated Name:Linus Sebastian
Net Worth:$85 million
Profession:YouTuber, Chief Vision Officer
Full Real Name:Linus Gabriel Sebastian
Date of Birth:August 20, 1986
Birthplace:Ladner, British Columbia, Canada

His channel, Linus Tech Tips, is under fire.

As the “CVO” of his eponymous media group, Linus has been at the center of several controversies surrounding Linus Tech Tips that emerged in August 2023. The content creators on his channel have been openly criticized for rushing the production of many of their videos, resulting in erroneous statements and inaccurate coverage.

Shortly following these claims, former LMG employee Madison Reeve came forward with accusations of higher-ups within the company perpetuating a toxic work environment.

Linus and several other key figures in the company have issued statements in response to these scandals. However, they have been widely criticized for failing to directly address the controversy in lieu of sponsorship plugs.

It is currently unknown as to whether or not these controversies will have an impact on LTT’s revenue, and subsequently, Linus’ overall net worth.