Jho Low’s Net Worth Forbes: How Much Money Does The 1MDB Mastermind Have, How Did He Spend His Millions?

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Fugitive 1MDB financier Jho Low stole billions of dollars from fundraising project for the people of Malaysia but isn’t a billionaire as of today. What is the wanted fraudster’s net worth right now?

Low Taek Jho, often called Jho Low, is a Malaysian fugitive businessman, wanted by authorities internationally in connection with the 1Malaysia Development Berhad scandal.

Low once lived a high-profile social life before becoming an international fugitive. 

Dubbed the Asian Great Gatsby for his high-rolling, star-studded parties, Low’s lavish lifestyle was purportedly funded by money pilfered from the 1MDB fund. 

Many must have wondered why a short, podgy and bespectacled businessman was constantly surrounded at parties by glamorous celebrities.

But the Malaysian wannabe playboy, going by the name Jho Low in a nod to the Hollywood diva, knew how to make friends and influence people.

He also dated some of the top models publicly and privately and splashed millions of dollars on famous celebs for attention. But, how much is the businessman’s current net worth and how did he spend his money? Read on for more.

Profile Summary

Celebrated Name:Jho Low
Net Worth:$150 million
Amount Stole:$1.42 billion
Known For:1MDB scandal
Full Real Name:Low Taek Jho
Date of Birth:November 1981 (age 41 years)
Birthplace:George Town, Malaysia
Nationality:George Town, Malaysia. Nationality: Cypriot, Kittitian, Malaysian
Parents:Hock Peng Low, Evelyn Low
Siblings:Szen Low, Low May Lin
Education:Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (2000–2005)
Chung Ling High School 
The International School of Penang (Uplands)
Harrow in London
Despite stealing over billions of dollars, Jho Low has less than 200 million fortune. Image Source: Getty
Despite stealing over billions of dollars, Jho Low has less than 200 million fortune. Image Source: Getty

What is Jho Low’s net worth right now?

Malaysian fugitive criminal businessman Jho Low (real name: Low Taek Jho) has an estimated current net worth of $150 million.

Jho Low was born into an affluent family who have traditionally maintained a low profile. His parents are Tan Sri Larry Low Hock Peng (father) and Evelyn Low (mother).

Low’s dad Hock Peng founded investment holding company MWE Holdings.

His grandfather Low Meng Tak was a businessman born in Guangdong in China. Meng Tak had interests in iron-ore mining and liquor distilleries in Thailand in the 1960s and 1970s, and in real estate in Thailand, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.

Despite being from a wealthy family, he is accused of orchestrating the embezzlement of $1.42 billion from Goldman 1MDB Deals, FBI Agent says, per Bloomberg.

Low has contributed money to various charities. However, much, if not all, of his charitable giving occurred after the 1MDB scandal began to unfold, and thus critics claim that the money provided to various charities was stolen from 1MDB and that Low’s charitable giving is simply part of a public relations strategy to burnish Low’s tarnished image.

Jho Low spent millions on famous celebrities including actors, musicians and model. Image Source: Getty
Jho Low spent millions on famous celebrities including actors, musicians and model. Image Source: Getty

How did Jho Low spend the 1MDB money he stole?

The sensibly suited 41-year-old showered models, singers and movie stars with the most incredible gifts imaginable.

He splashed £6million on jewellery and a crystal piano for Aussie model Miranda Kerr, told Kim Kardashian to keep his £200,000 casino winnings and paid Britney Spears £800,000 to jump out of his giant birthday cake.

There were tales of Low blowing £1.5million on champagne in a single night in St Tropez — and flying stars from one New Year’s Eve party in Australia to another in Las Vegas.

His most famous associate, though, was Leonardo DiCaprio.

Not only did Low’s production firm fund the actor’s 2013 movie The Wolf Of Wall Street, but Low bought a £30million mansion a few doors down from him in Hollywood.

He also gifted DiCaprio a £2.5million Picasso painting and invited him to countless debauched parties.

Recently released FBI documents reveal how Low once gave Kim Kardashian £83,000 for fireworks — and how the 300 guests at his 30th bash in Las Vegas in 2012 included Kanye West.

Inamorata CEO Emily Ratajkowski revealed she was once paid $25K to attend the Super Bowl with disgraced Malaysian financier Low Taek Jho.

But the money Low was spending did not belong to him — it belonged to the Malaysian people.

Jho Low pictured partying with heiress Paris Hilton
Jho Low pictured partying with heiress Paris Hilton. Credit: Big Pictures

Following investigation and his crimes being known, DiCaprio reportedly handed back the Picasso, as well as a £7million Basquiat painting gifted to him by Red Granite Pictures.

Kerr returned the jewellery, although Clare claims: “She also had a room made around a crystal piano, but it was too big to get it out of the room, so they said keep it”.

There is no suggestion of wrongdoing by DiCaprio or any of the other celebrities who received gifts from Low.

US special agents investigating Low filed a civil lawsuit in 2016 in a bid to reclaim billions embezzled from 1MDB.

They revealed 30million had been spent on artworks, £250million on a yacht and £4million on diamonds for Razak’s wife Rosmah Mansor.