Amirah Dyme’s Plastic Surgery: Has The Model Had A BBL and Who Is Her Surgeon? Cost, Age, Location, Before and After

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Instagram model Amirah Dyme’s curvy physique has led to many speculations she’s had a BBL. Details on her plastic surgery rumors explored.

Amira Dyme is a famous German-born social media influencerInstagram and OnlyFans model, and a socialite

Also known as Cake Queen, the curvaceous mother-of-one began posting her pictures on Instagram in 2016 and caught the attention of the online crowd. As a result, her account began attracting many followers.

She gained more followers, endorsements, and promotions. At the time of publication of this article, her Instagram account had 4.1 million followers. She has achieved this massive following because of the fantastic outfits and breathtaking pictures that she shares.

Some of the brands she has worked for include NA-KD, Fashion Nova, Oh Polly, Pretty Little Thing, and Blanco Bay. She is also on OnlyFans. Dyme has recently launched a clothing line called Flavours, focusing mainly on lingerie and skin-tight clothes.

Due to Amirahdyme’s curvaceous nature, there are rumors she has had a BBL. Even some online outlets even confirm. But are the rumors true? Here’s the 4-1-1.

Has Amirah Dyme had a BBL?

Social media personality and influencer, Amirah Dyme has openly admitted to going under knives to augment her backside with cosmetic surgery.

This, however, suggests her curvaceous physique is not natural but plastic or fake.

Per, plasticsurgeryceleb, Amirah underwent three procedures: breast augmentation, liposuction, and a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). The source adds that her breasts were enlarged during the breast augmentation process using implants.

In a 2020 post she shared on her Instagram stories, she revealed she had touched her body but asserted she removed fats she didn’t like from her upper body into her hips.

In the latter part of her post, the model who is sick and tired of explaining her procedures revealed since it is her own body, she can do whatever she likes on it.

In a video sighted by, the famous IG star asserted that since she has opened up about her journey into acquiring the body she has at moment to people who might be interested, one thing she wouldn’t entertain is being tagged a liar.

From all indications, Amirah seems to be happy with the outcomes of her plastic surgery, which has increased her self-assurance and comfort in her skin.

Her significant experience has encouraged other women to love their bodies and think about getting plastic surgery.

Amirah Dyme's before and after surgery photos. Image Source: X @TheCosmeticLane
Amirah Dyme’s before and after surgery photos. Image Source: X @TheCosmeticLane

Amirah Dyme’s before and after surgery photos

There are several of both before and after photos of Amirah Dyme’s plastic surgery journey, and the difference is clear.

It evidently shows that her breasts have also been boosted to more significance, and her buttocks have grown noticeably larger and curvier.

She also seemed to have a smaller waist and looked a bit chubby at first, which helps to emphasize her hourglass body.

People have had differing views on the before and after photos taken by Amirah Dyme.

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Who is Amirah Dyme’s surgeon and what was the cost?

Plastic surgery has become a top-notch topic among women in this century. While liposuction eliminated excess fat from specific regions, the BBL utilized fat from other body parts to accentuate her buttocks.

Even while plastic surgery has the potential to produce acceptable results, there are inherent dangers, such as infection, scarring, and asymmetry.

To achieve a safe and satisfying outcome, anyone considering plastic surgery must perform extensive research and choose qualified practitioners.

Although recovery times for these treatments can differ, per CelebCritics, Amirah said that her recovery went pretty smoothly and that she could return to her regular activities in a few weeks. Hers shows how such risks can be reduced with the careful selection of experienced surgeons and postoperative care.

About Dyme’s surgeon, she reportedly went to Turkey to have her procedures. The name of her doctor has been revealed as Op. Dr. Gökhan Haytoğlu. He is a Plastic Surgeon ISAPS, ASPS, and is located in Teşvikiye cad. 18/2 Nişantaşı İstanbul/Turkey.

He has 90,000 followers on Instagram and her recent IG post is a video of Amirah Dyme. It captures her coming out of a pool in a place like a hotel or an apartment.

At the moment, how much money the model paid for her surgery remains undisclosed.

Has Amirah Dyme ever been arrested?

No, Amirah Dyme has not been arrested. The rumors of her arrest likely stemmed from the fact that her former boyfriend, Hushpuppi, was indeed arrested in Dubai and received a prison sentence for his involvement in supporting money laundering.

On the other hand, Amirah’s former boyfriend, Hushpuppi, was indeed arrested in Dubai and received an 11-year prison sentence for his involvement in money laundering.

However, Dyme herself is not implicated in any criminal activities and there is no evidence to support the claims of her arrest. As of now, she is not in jail and continues to pursue her career as a supermodel and influencer.

Does Amirah Dyme have any tattoos?

The German model has six tattoos:

She has a palm tree on her forearm that reminds her of her old neighborhood in Los Angeles.

The anchor on her wrist symbolises a lifelong relationship.

The Arabic lettering on her upper arm denotes determination or purpose.

Arabic writings on her elbow, which means sky.

On her thigh is a tattoo depicting Queen Nefertiti, the wife of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh.

Mandala and yin-yang art on her forearm, yin-yang: The mandala is a Hindu and Buddhist symbol representing the universe, while the yin-yang is a Taoist symbol that portrays opposites coexisting in peace.