Meet Hollie Strano’s Ex-husbands Brian Toohig, and Alex Giangreco and Children Jessica, and Grady

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Is Hollie Strano married or dating anyone? The meteorologist for WKYC has been married twice in her lifetime and has two kids. Let’s meet her ex-spouses.

Hollie Strano‘s two-decades-long career as a successful journalist who works as a WKYC TV on-air meteorologist was tarnished after she was arrested on November 23, 2023, WKYC reports.

The anchor pleaded guilty to one count of an OVI, a first-degree misdemeanor after she crashed her car on Akron Peninsula Road on Thanksgiving.

Away from her legal issues, she has lived a private life but her marital status is in question following her arrest. Here’s everything you need to know about the meteorologist’s personal life.

Hollie Strano has been married twice in her lifetime. She is currently assumed single. Image Source: Getty
Hollie Strano has been married twice in her lifetime. She is currently assumed single. Image Source: Instagram

Who is Hollie Strano married to or in a relationship with?

3News Meteorologist Hollie Strano is now assumed to be completely single – this means she is unmarried, hence, she has no husband or spouse, and isn’t dating anyone, thus, she has no partner or boyfriend.

While the famed WKYC meteorologist is not engaged or romantically involved, she has been married previously and even welcomed her children with her ex-husband.

Her ex-spouses are Brian Toohig and Alex Giangreco.

Hollie Strano and Brian Toohig. Image Source: Bellenews
Hollie Strano and Brian Toohig. Image Source: Bellenews

Who is Hollie Strano’s ex-husband, Brian Toohig?

Hollie Strano, who has been married twice, had her first marriage to Brian Toohig.

Due to not much being known of the former couple’s love story, they are believed to have met back in high school as they both attended Notre Dame Cathedral Latin School and Walsh Jesuit High School, where they shared a unique bond.

Their relationship evolved from a young age, starting when Hollie was just 15 years old.

Per Sarkariexam, Toohig and Strano tied the knot in 2008.

Per the publication, the duo’s marriage only lasted for three years as they divorced in 2011 due to challenges in their marriage and individual differences. However, the outlet failed to mention the exact reason for their split.

Alex Giangreco pictured with Hollie Strano. The duo were married for seven years. Image Source: Twitter (now called X)
Alex Giangreco pictured with Hollie Strano the 9th anniversary of Metro at wkyc. The duo were married for seven years. Image Source: Twitter (now called X)

Who is Alex Giangreco, Hollie Strano’s second husband?

Three years following her first marriage and first divorce, Strano met mixologist Alex Giangreco, who would become her second husband.

Hollie and Alex first crossed paths during her vacation in Fort Lauderdale in 2010.

Alex proposed to Hollie with an elaborate oval diamond ring encircled by smaller round diamonds set in a platinum band. On June 15, 2014, the couple exchanged vows and stayed as a married couple for a little over 7 years.

Hollie’s marriage to Giangreco also faced challenges and in May 2017, she took to her X account (formerly Twitter) to announce that they had separated.

In light of this, she decided to revert to her maiden name, Hollie Strano. The challenges she encountered in her marital relationships took a toll on Hollie, leading her into a state of depression. Despite her struggles, she maintained a steadfast focus on supporting her children through this transition, underscoring the significance of her role as a mother.

Meteorologist Hollie Strano's daughter (middle) with her friends. Image Source: Instagram
Meteorologist Hollie Strano’s daughter (middle) with her friends. Image Source: Instagram

How many children does Hollie Strano have?

WKYC TV on-air meteorologist Hollie Strano is a mother of two. She has a son and a daughter whose names are Grady and Jessica.

She cherishes her two kids and has described them as her world.

Her kids’ ages are currently 17 and 16 years old (as of 2023).

She experienced motherhood in her 3-year marriage to her first husband, Brian Toohig.

With Alex Giangreco, their marriage did not bring forth any babies.

Beyond her family, she also adores her two dogs, Maya and Otis.

Hollie Strano is an accomplished meteorologist at WKYC in Cleveland, OhioCredit: Instagram/@holliestrano
Hollie Strano is an accomplished meteorologist at WKYC in Cleveland, Ohio. Credit: Instagram/@holliestrano

Who is meteorologist Hollie Strano?

Hollie Strano, an adept meteorologist at 3News WKYC in Cleveland, Ohio, doubles as a host on the show Good Company.

Born and raised in Lyndhurst on Cleveland’s east side, alongside her brother, Michael, and sister, Stephanie, as detailed in her WKYC Bio.

She graduated with a communications degree from John Carroll University and initiated her television career there.

Additionally, Strano obtained a meteorology degree from Mississippi State University.

Strano’s advocacy for mental health earned her an Emmy Award, and she has been candid about her experiences with anxiety.

She is popular on social media, with 65,000 followers on her Facebook account, @HollieStraoWKYC; over 35,000 followers on her Instagram page, @holliestrano; and 29,700 followers on her X account, @holliesmiles.

How long has Hollie Strano been at WKYC? Strano has been at WKYC for more than two decades, having celebrated her 20th anniversary in April 2022.

Strano reflected on her time at the news station, telling WKYC: “You know what it’s like? It’s where you still feel like you are 20 years old.

“And I think as an adult, that’s something that we can all relate to. You have moments where you think, wow, I can’t believe I’m supposed to be this mature in adulting.

“I still feel like at times I’m at John Carroll at other times, I just had a baby. And then at other times, here I am 20 years later.”

She also spoke with the station about living in Ohio, being pregnant with each of her kids on TV, opening up about mental health with her viewers, social media, creating a work family, and her early-morning work schedule.

When asked what she wants her viewers to know, Strano said: “The biggest thing I’d want the viewer to know is that I really feel like you’re a friend and I’m honored for that. I really am. So thank you. I would say thank you.

“And I I’d want you to know how grateful I am, because you’re the reason I’m here. It’s really been an awesome adventure and I can’t wait to see where the road continues to take me.”