Ibrah Releases Court Statements That Show Shatta’s Mother Can’t Afford Her Rent And Was Nearly Arrested

‘Your mother can’t afford her single room rent yet you claim people are poor’, Ibrah exposes Shatta Wale.

Ibrah One again hits back at Shatta Wale, involves his mother’s affair intensely.

Shatta Michy ‘Slaps’ Back At Shatta Wale And Ibrah One Singly, Reveals More Secrets | See Post

Shatta Wale and Ibrah’s beef seems not to end any sooner as each keeps on exposing the other.

Pope Skinny Joins Shatta Wale’s Beef With Ibrah One, Puts Wale On A Blast | See Post

Ibrah One has exposed Shatta Wale that he should not brag on social media while her mother is owing a nine month rent.

Shatta Wale Leaks Michy’s N!ket Photos, Says Many People Have It On Their Phones

According to Ibrah One, his friend took Shatta Wale’s mother to the court and provided a document as evidence.

More Leaks: Ibrah Chopped Michy Low Key | Screenshots As He Still Beefs Shatta Wale

Checkout Ibrah’s allegation below

Shatta Michy ‘Slaps’ Back At Shatta Wale And Ibrah One Singly, Reveals More Secrets | See Post

Shatta Michy replies Shatta Wale and Ibrah One.

Diamond Michy, popularly known as ‘Shatta Michy’ has rebutted claims made by both her ex-lover and Ibrah One.

Shatta Wale Leaks Michy’s N!ket Photos, Says Many People Have It On Their Phones

According to Michy, people who keep talking negatively about her are the same people who don’t contribute a dime to her success nor that of her son, Majesty’s well-being.

In this, Michy has revealed that even though she mothered Majesty with Shatta Wale, she’s independently catering for herself and that of her son.

More Leaks: Ibrah Chopped Michy Low Key | Screenshots As He Still Beefs Shatta Wale

Well, Michy is some where thinking of her new restaurant and from no where two grown up men who claims they have money are making her to trend negatively.

Ibrah One revealed in his dirty revelations about Shatta Wale that he ‘chopped’ Michy and that if he (Shatta Wale) wants to know the actual size of his ‘joystick’ he should ask Michy.

Ibrah One Buys A Brand New 2020 G-Wagon After His N3ed Photo Hit Online

Shatta Wale also revealed that she doesn’t care about Michy and that he and some other guys have her raunchy photos that are on pending to hit on the internet pretty soon.

Everyone was apparently trying to say something badly about the other since to get the each other irritated.

Ibrah One Hits Hard At Shatta Wale Again For Mocking Him | See

Michy expressed ‘I don’t care’ feelings towards the negative news the two grown up men were saying about her.

On her Instagram story, she noted that she doesn’t know the size of anyone’s ‘joystick’ and she doesn’t care because no one feeds her.

Check out her post below (Swipe)

Afia Schwarzenegger flaunts bundles of cash to fire up her beef with Nana Tonardo (video)

It looks like all tight friends to female comedian Afia Schwarzenegger are suddenly crumbling on her. What could be the problem?.

Nana Tornado with Afia Schwarzenegger in USA

Few hours after Afia Schwarzenegger and Mzbel squabbled over loss of trust in their friendship that led to messed in their closeness then arises another “gun pulling” beef with Nana Tornado.

Nana Tornado and Afia Schwarzenegger has made shocking revelations about themselves when they were paddies.

According to Nana Tornado, Afia Schwarzenegger whom he introduced to a man who was helping them secure a USA visa has destroyed him to the man and the man doesn’t want to have anything to do with him again.

Nana Tornado also added that Afia Schwarzenegger stole gold jewelries from a guy by name Johnny whom he introduced to him to Afia Schwarzenegger.

Afia Schwarzenegger has flaunted bundles of cash to rebut thievery allegations by Nana Tornado.

Watch video below

Guy beats his friend because he said Medikal is wack | watch video

Eeiii.. all these happened during Strongman and Medikal squabble!!

A trending video we spotted on the internet saw a fan of Medikal beats a fan of Strongman.

Two boys in a game room indulge in a fight over Medikal and Strongman. Whiles some people are beefing to get attention to sell their business to wider audience, their fans are rather taking the beef to heart.

These two boys alone in a room were playing a computer game. One said Medikal is not a rapper and the biggest fan of Medikal beats him up for asserting that.

Watch video below

Pappy Kojo Nicely Snubs Keche’s Diss Song to Him

Pappy Kojo Nicely Snubs Keche’s Diss Song to Him

Joshua of Keche fame has finally released a diss song to Pappy Kojo titled “Face2Face”.

Keche is a musical group with a rapper and a songster. Joshua has the bars in rapping while Andrew sings.

This whole diss commenced during Strongman and Medikal’s warrant for best rapper supremacy that got the whole nation in a discourse.

A line in the lyrics goes like “k) Italy kotete ntos w’adwene tiaaa se jeans strings” had him laugh away in the studio while listening to the music.

Eventually, theses rappers who are on and off are developing taste in dissing themselves for fame.

Click here to Listen and download Keche’s diss song to Pappy Kojo “Face to face”

Well, in case Pappy Kojo drops his reply to him we’ll let you know but in the mean time check the video below.

See Pappy Kojo’s reaction below

Showboy has reacted to Medikal and Strongman diss songs, this is what he said…

Ghanaian but American based musician and self acclaimed “Trap King”, Showboy, has finally put his nose in Medikal and Strongman diss songs.

When there are musical feuds like what we just experienced between Strongman and Medikal, Entertainment critics like Sam Sarfo (Showboy) and Achipalago are among the people who fire up to make it last for a while.

Showboy is reportedly facing jail in the States after his grudge against the demise, Junior US.

The controversial media sensation, Showboy, who has been nursing a musical career was arrested some months back.

One would ask, “why is he getting access on social media after his arrest”? But sincerely, we do not have an idea on the person behind his accounts. He’s being often updating his platforms.

After the feud between Medikal and Strongman, Showboy took to his twitter account to give his response.

He wrote

Don’t go to war without your commander !!!

We do not know whom he was referring to but in many ways, this tweet is pounced on to Medikal.

See his post below

Video: Strongman On The Same Beat MDK Used For “Last Burial”, Who Killed It?

Ghana over the Weekend has been the top trends on Twitter.

Two Ghanaian rap gurus Medikal and Strongman Burner we’re beefing each other, both telling us they get damning bars.

We’ve found a video of Strongman on the same instrumentals Medikal used on his “Last Burial “ diss track to Strongman.

Watch the video below and judge for yourself

Watch Medikal’s “Last Burial” here

Strongman’s Girlfriend Reveals Their First Born’s Name After “Immortal” Diss To MDK

Nana Ama Strong has reacted to “Immortal”, Strongman’s Part 2 diss song to Medikal.

After Medikal dissed Strongman with “Last Burial”, Strongman also released his “Immortal” diss to him.

Nana Ama Strong after listening to his Boyfriend’s song took to her twitter page to react.

Nana Ama Strong wrote;

Ohiani stubborn proud… 🤦🏻‍♀️@StrongmanBurner dats gonna be our first born’s name😂😂😂 #Immortal

See post below

Strongman – Immortal [Medikal Diss Part 2] [Audio]

Strongman has finally responded to Medikal’s “Last Burial” diss song to him, he has released part two of Medikal’s diss titled “Immortal”.

Before that, if you ever missed any of their feuds.. see below

Click on any to enjoy the songs

Kwesi Arthur diss song to Medikal – “Thoughts From Nkrumah Krom 4”

Medikal diss song to Strongman Part 1 – “To whom it may concern”

Strongman diss song to Medikal part 1 – “ Don’t Try “

Medikal diss song to Strongman part 2 – “ Last Burial “

Fella Makafui reacts to their beefs

Enjoy Strongman – Immortal [ Medikal Diss Part 2 ]