Who Is BoyWithUke? TikTok Singer’s Wikipedia, Biography, Face Reveal, Real Name, Age, Nationality, Net Worth

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BoyWithUke, who is behind TikTok’s most famous mask, has finally shown his real face to his fans. Here’s what he looks like, and other facts about him.

Mostly on social media, a lot of users hide their identities while they keep on entertaining their audience and followers.

For example, American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and singer, Clay, better known by his online alias Dream, hid his face from his millions of followers for eight years. His mystery style made him one of the fastest-growing creators on YouTube when he started out. The Minecraft star showed his face for the first time in October 2022. He later went by to being faceless.

On TikTok, a singer with the user name BoyWithUke went anonymous for years. He has gained massive followers on the platform as well as others like Instagram where he has over 1 million followers.

However, in October 2023, he did a face reveal, and fans marveled. Following that, many want to know more about his life. Here’s what you need to know about him.

A viral TikTok influencer who goes by BoyWithUke on the platform has always worn a mask in his videos
A viral TikTok influencer who goes by BoyWithUke on the platform has always worn a mask in his videos. Credit: Instagram

Who is BoyWithUke?

Born Charley but known online as BoyWithUke, he is a social media personality and a musician.

He gained fame on the short video platform, TikTok, where he shares his ukulele skills in music with millions of his followers.

What made him unique and loved by many was his digital mask covering his face as many wondered who and how he could look like when not unmasked.

He has over 1 million followers on Instagram and over 132.5M Likes. 7.7M Followers on TikTok.

In October, he decided to reveal his face amid a major announcement in his career.

When did BoyWithUke reveal his face?

BoyWithUke, who has always been anonymous on TikTok by covering his face with a digital mask, left fans in awe after revealing his face

On October 11, BoyWithUke shared a slideshow to his TikTok account and decided to do away with the face covering.

Charley also provided an extended note explaining why he’s waited three years to make this move.

“I started BoyWithUke when I was 18 years old as just a hobby,” he wrote.

“I had no idea it would go so far, and I cannot express how grateful I am that it did. Because of all of you, I have been able to experience things I would have never even dreamed of.

“Throughout the last 3 years, I have grown and changed so much as a person and as an artist.”

But it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

“While my journey as BoyWithUke has been truly incredible at times, it’s also come with its share of challenges,” Charley said.



♬ Homesick – BoyWithUke

The mask had begun to impact his creativity and mental health.

“It’s reached a point where I need to make a decision,” he said.



♬ Migraine by BoyWithUke – boywithuke

But Charley emphasized that this is not the end of his music career, just a new chapter.

He will still be making music under the BoyWithUke name.

Fans were blown away by the TikTok creator’s good looks.

“Bro is majestic,” one said.

“You look great my guy,” said another.

“Bro is beautiful,” a different commenter said.

But the social media star named Charley decided to reveal his face in a post earlier this week
But the social media star named Charley decided to reveal his face in a post earlier this week. Credit: Instagram

Others used the milestone as an opportunity to reflect on Charley’s social media career.

“You have come so far,” one said.

“End of a phase start of a legacy,” said another.

“The mask has never made the music and neither did the instrument,” a different commenter said.

“Your heart made the music and thoughts that allowed you to reach out and touch ours.”

The face reveal came after Charley released his latest album Serotonin Dreams on October 6.