Nana Akufo-Addo Is Ghana’s Worst Ever President & Bawumia Should Be Behind Bars – Bulldog Fires | Video

Nana Akufo-Addo Is Ghana's Worst Ever President & Bawumia Should Be Behind Bars - Bulldog Fires | Video

Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson popularly known in the showbiz industry as Bulldog has described Nana Akufo-Addo has the worst President Ghana has ever had.

Speaking in an interview with MzGee on 3Fm, Bulldog indicated that Nana Akufo-Addo during his campaign made Ghanaians feel that he was going to be different from the previous Presidents but he is no different from them.

According to Bulldog, Dr. Bawumia is not fit to be called Vice President but rather a hype man of President Nana Akufo-Addo.

Bulldog alleged that Vice President Bawumia with NADMO went to the Northern part of Ghana to share expired food to the Northerners.

He added that Nana Akufo-Addo should have resigned by now as President of Ghana, and says he’s disappointed in him.

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Two Ladies Beat Up Guy Mercilessly On The Street | Video

Two Ladies Beat Up Guy Mercilessly On The Street | Video

In a video currently trending on social media, two ladies beat up a guy mercilessly on the street.

The young man who wanted to prove that he was stronger than the two ladies got the surprise of his life.

Unfortunately, the cause of the fight between the two ladies and the young man is unknown.

A twitter user by name “llcoolstain” shared the video with the caption;

The male adversary was F*cked up mercilessly

Stonebwoy & Shatta Wale Were Allegedly Paid By Kofi Abban To End Their Beef | See Proof

Stonebwoy & Shatta Wale Were Allegedly Paid By Kofi Abban To End Their Beef | See Proof

CEO of Burniton Music Group, Stonebwoy, and Shatta Movement Boss, Shatta Wale over the years had a serious beef between themselves.

Unfortunately, their beef almost led to the loss of life when Stonebwoy pulled a gun on stage at last year’s Vodafone Music Ghana Music after Shatta’s Fans stormed the stage when Stonebwoy to take his Dancehall Artiste of the year award.

However, thanks to CEO of Rigworld Group Kofi Abban who was alleged to have been having an affair with media personality Nana Aba Anamaoh, Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale ended their years-long beef.

Interestingly, new developments to how Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy ended just surfaced as it is alleged that Kofi Abban had to pay off Ghana’s top Dancehall artists to end their beef.

According to popular Instagram blogger “thosecalledcelebs“, Kofi Abban allegedly paid off Efo Stonebwoy to end the beef with Shatta Wale.

In a series of post sighted on the Instagram stories of thosecalledcelebs, the anonymous Instagram blogger added that the careers of both Dancehall artistes were at stake, most especially Shatta Wale.

As such, Efo Stonebwoy was given something to accept the peacemaking with Shatta Wale.

See Screenshot.

Make Lots Of Money Before You Marry – Man Advises

Make Lots Of Money Before You Marry - Man Advises

The debate between love and money sustaining a successful marriage continues on social media as Nigerian influencer Omo Iya Ologi (Dr Pam Pam) has shared his thoughts on the whole issue.

Whiles some people believe love is what sustains a successful marriage, Omo Iya Ologi believes it’s money.

According to his tweet, lack of money ruins marriages faster than lack of love. He added that with money, you can endure a loveless marriage, while without money it is difficult to enjoy a loving marriage.

He further indicated that love is the greatest gift of all but money answers all questions. His final words to young guys were to make money before thinking about getting married.

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School Mother Beats Her School, Daughter, Mercilessly For Sleeping With Her Man | Video

School Mother Beats Her School Daughter Mercilessly For Sleeping With Her Man | Video

A beautiful young lady just received the beating of her life after she was alleged to have slept with the boyfriend of her school mother.

In the viral video sighted by, the lady whose name is still unknown was beaten by her school colleagues for having an affair with her school mother’s boyfriend.

A twitter user @trendydjtimic, who shared the video indicated that the young lady is a student of the Ambrose Ali University (AAU) Ekpoma, Edo State, and she was beaten for sleeping with her school mother’s boyfriend.

She posted the video on twitter with the caption;

AAU school Mother beats and strip a school daughter’s necked for suspecting her of sleeping with her boyfriend.

My twitter family please let’s RT this until something is been done urgently. So if u’re seeing this video in your timeline please RT

Unfortunately, due to website policies, the video cannot be shared on our platform. (WATCH THE VIDEO HERE)

Efia Odo Shares What Makes Her “Akosua Kuma” Wet | You’ll Be Shocked

Efia Odo Shares What Makes Her "Akosua Kuma" Wet | You'll Be Shocked

In an earlier story posted on our platform, Efia Odo was angrily insulting Dancehall artiste Shatta Wale on social media indicating that he does wack music.

The actress and TV host seem to be in her sensual elements as she keeps sharing interesting statements on her social media pages.

In the latest post sighted by, Efia Odo revealed what makes her private part ticks like a clock.

According to her, intimacy and enlightened conversation gets her tonga jumping to any man.

Intimacy and enlightened conversations gets my pussy jumping, Good morning

Single Life Dey Pain, I Need A Boyfriend – Eazzy Says | Video

Unseen Photos of Eazzy's Performance at Medikal's "Welcome To Sowutuom Concert"

Being single definitely sucks, as Ghanaian songstress Eazzy has hinted that she’s single after going through a painful break-up.

Eazzy in a video sighted by, shared her new relationship single, and according to her, she needs a new man in her life as she’s tired of being single.

In the video, Eazzy was dancing to Shatta Wale’s song “Thunder Fire” as she announced her single status.

She posted saying;

Ugh, single life sucks, I have been single for way too long. After a painful heart break!….First lady still needs a president.

Maid Caught On CCTV Dipping Toddler’s Hand Into Boiling Water | Photos

The police in Singapore have arrested a maid who has been accused by her employer for scalding her toddler, by putting the child’s hand into boiling water.

Amy Low Mei Lian, the mother of the child shared the video online. According to the mother, the CCTV footage was filmed in her Kitchen in Buangkok, while she and her husband were at work.

She also posted photos of what appears to be the toddlers scalded hands.

Here’s what the mother said;

I never thought this would happen to my daughter. Because of commitments in life, both my husband and I have to work, hence we decided to hire a maid, to look after our 16-month-old girl. Little did we know, this was the beginning of our nightmare.

It happened on 14 Jan, at 5.13 pm. The maid was at home with both my daughters, 8year old and 16month old. At 5.20 pm, my 8year old called my husband up and told him that my 16month old had suffered a burnt. We were shocked and rushed our girl to a nearby clinic, but the doctor thought it was too serious a burn wound hence referred us to hospital a&e instead.

Since the maid started working, we had told her that her priority is always to look after our girl and never to bring our girl into the kitchen. We can always take away dinner and there is no need for her to cook. I questioned the maid and she explained that it was an accident.

She was carrying my girl while cooking in the kitchen and that my daughter touched the pot by herself and the maid didnt expect it to happen as it happened too quickly. We chose to believe her even when the doctor at a&e had some doubts about the cause of the burnt wounds.

The next day morning, the maid packed all her belongings and insisted to go back to the agency. I kept assuring her that we never blamed her, as it was just an accident, she can still stay on and work for us. But she was very insistent hence I called the agency up.

The agent told me that he would get someone to pick up the maid, and take it as a transfer case (to transfer the maid out to another family) so that the 6 months loan that I have paid for the maid could be returned to me. I chose to believe and listen to the agent.

I felt something was amiss and I decided to check the CCTV footage at home while waiting for the maid to be picked up. And what I saw was horrifying.

The maid, she did it on purpose! ??It was never an accident! She took my daughters hand and dipped her hand inside a boiling pot.

I was shaking throughout and made a police report immediately.

While waiting for the police, I notified the agent of what had happened. The agent started to be agitated and insisted that we should return the maid to the agency and end it just like that.

Before the police arrived, I questioned the maid why did she do that to my daughter. She said she wants to go home, she said that her friends taught her to do it so that she could go home.

And when I asked if the agent was also involved, she said yes he said that I could go home if I do this! How horrifying! (The maid came to work for us for about a month and she did mention that she wants to go home 2 weeks ago, but all was settled after the agent met and spoke with her. Did the agent teach her to do that when they met?)

During this period, the agent kept threatening and harassing me. Accused me that I am a bad employer that I abuse the maid hence the maid wanted to leave, which I never do.

The agents behavior had gone way over the boundaries hence I made another police report, as I was really frightened that the agent would do something to my family.

But the outcome was disappointing, the police mentioned that unless the agent harassed us again, else they wont be taking any further action.

I always thought that the police is for the people, this is Singapore, this is supposed to be one of the safest countries in the world, but no, the police cant do much unless something fatal happened?

I chose to believe in the maid, and she hurt mydaughter. I chose to believe in the agent, and he could be the one who is behind all these.

I chose to have faith in the law and the police force but all I get is to wait for something else to happen before they could take any further action.

There is nothing I want more than justice for my daughter, is that too much?

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Medikal Gets Shatta Wale A Brand New iPhone 11 Pro | Photo

Medikal Gets Shatta Wale A Brand New iPhone 11 Pro | Photo

AMG rapper Medikal who recently give up on his ex-girlfriend, Fella Makafui has gotten Shatta Movement boss, Shatta Wale a brand new iPhone 11 Pro.

Shatta Wale shared the good news on his Instagram page. According to Shatta Wale, Medikal got him the iPhone 11 pro because he can’t reach him, and his line is always busy.

He added that AMG fans should help him thank their boss, AMG Medikal.

So@amgmedikaljust bought me 11pro iphone just to talk to me cuz he says my line is always busy ….AMG fans pls thank your Boss for me hmmmm this my superstar wont kill me ! Thnx bro 樹歹